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Samantha Colbert 2008

Welcome to Samantha J. Colbert's site. If you're looking for information on Samantha's previous acting experience check out the Actress page. To see pictures of performances involving Samantha as well as some pictures she's taken herself, please visit the Gallery! Occasionally Samantha will post stories or other things of interest. You can find these in her personal blog (updated on a non regular basis) Under Video Collection are different videos that Samantha has edited and created herself. If you are interested in hiring Samantha for an event, go to the Performer for Hire page for more information. Want to contact Samantha for something? Go to the Contact page and drop her a line! 

Looking for a performer for your wedding, funeral, or other occasion in New York City or surrounding boroughs? Go to the Contact page to speak with Samantha and hire her for your event.



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Thanks to everyone who came out to see "Always a Bridesmaid" at Mahoney State Park. Samantha is now living in New York City and working on her next big projects. Contact her for more information.